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Monday, October 19, 2015

Autumn Essentials

Autumn is most definitely my favorite time of the year. The air gets crisper and the weather gets much, much colder. I absolutely love it. There are a few things I like to do in order to make the most of the autumn season and I listed them all below just for you, how handy?!

Dark Lips
Autumn screams dark lips and I absolutely love the Matte Lip Color from Elf in the shade Tea Rose. It's not your typical fall berry or a deep red, but it works and I like it. Pacifica also has a really nice Color Quench in Berry Guava. It smells amazing and it's a great everyday lip balm.

Moisturizer/Body Lotion
The fall/winter months can easily dry out your skin. Moisturizer and body lotion is a must. Also, lip balm is a life saver this time of the year. My favorite lip balm at the moment is from Meow Meow Tweet in the scent/flavor (I guess?) Tangerine Lime.

If you want to have a cozy movie night, Netflix is essential. I've been binge watching Goosebumps lately and I'm obsessed.

Hot Chocolate
Hot drinks are definitely a staple in autumn, hot chocolate in particular. Lots of (vegan) whipped cream on top is also a must.

Instant Camera
I recently got an Instax Wide camera for my 21st birthday and I absolutely love it. I've always been obsessed with really old polaroid pictures from when I was younger/before I was born, so you can only imagine how long I've been asking for an instant camera of my own and how excited I was when I actually got one.

Carving pumpkins is another autumn staple. Is it even really October if you don't carve a pumpkin? I don't think so. Did you even really carve a pumpkin if you didn't Instagram it? Again, I really don't think so.

Speaking of Instagram, I feel that autumn is prime Instagram season. I love taking pictures in the fall and I love sharing them on Instagram. You can follow me on Instagram if you'd like, you don't have to but you could. @xosarahholt 

Nature Walks
If you live in a place that has lots of fall foliage, you HAVE to make the most of it and go on lots of nature walks. You just have to. And again, for Instagram.

And those are all my Autumn Essentials. Let me know in the comments if you have any other essential for autumn that I didn't mention.

xo, Sarah Holt

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If you made it this deep in the post, thank you! I added a little "behind the scenes" from this post because I thought my setup was hilarious. I didn't have a festive blanket to use, but I did have this very fall-like scarf so I tried to make it look like a cozy blanket. I think I did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself!

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