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Friday, January 9, 2015

Vegan Nail Polish Haul + Storage Idea

Vegan nail polish isn't something you'd typically find at the drugstore (along with a long list of other vegan products, but this post is about nails). As a Christmas gift, I got the Vegan Cuts Nail Box and I was pleasantly surprised. I'm not really one for new manis every week, but I do occasionally like to paint my own nails to spice things up a bit (I know, my life is very exciting).

Here's what came in the box:

Adorn in the color Vive Le Coquette
I instantly fell in love with the Adorn color that came in the box, I had to put it on right away. After two coats, my nails looked professionally done.

Black Sheep Lacquer in the color Cloudy Skies
This brand, Black Sheep Lacquer, makes their nail polish by hand. I think that's really cool, and like what the label says, it's pretty kickass.

James Robert John in the color Just This One
This shade is such a classic color. I don't think anyone could ever have enough red shades in their nail polish collection.

Elysian Nail Lacquer in the color Queen of the Amazons
I found this nail polish really interesting. After one coat, the color seemed somewhat translucent and I ended up loving it and preferring it that way. You can definitely build up the color, but I really liked it after one coat.

Lip Glosserie Rosemary Mint Cuticle Balm
I never thought to moisturize my cuticles until after receiving this cuticle balm in the box. I now use this balm before painting my nails and I love it.

So Gloss Nail Wraps
I've never used nail wraps which is why I'm excited about these. I haven't used them yet, but they look pretty in the packaging.

LA Fresh Nail Polish Remover Wipe
I've only ever used nail polish remover out of the bottle, so I'm eager to try the wipe.

Vegan Cuts Nail File
You could never have enough nail files. Ever.

Nail Polish Storage Idea

If you haven't seen my post from almost a year ago (where did the time go?) with a different nail polish storage idea, I'll link it for you HERE.

What You'll Need:
Glass bowl
Small glass jar

What You'll Need To Do:
Fill the small glass jar (I'm using a recycled small pickle jar) with all your nail accessories such as nail files, nail clippers, cotton swabs, cotton balls, and cuticle scissors. 
Place the small glass jar inside the glass bowl (I found my glass bowl at Goodwill for $2)
Fill the glass bowl with nail polish
And that's it. It's that easy.

Links to the brands mentioned:

xo, Sarah Holt

PS this is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


  1. I had never thought about trying vegan nail polishes but i might do now :) the ones in this post seem really nice

    1. I definitely recommend giving them a try! I've found most vegan nail polish to have the same quality as non-vegan nail polish, if not better!