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Monday, January 19, 2015

LUSH Haul + First Impression Review

This may be hard to believe, but until a few days ago, I never stepped foot in a Lush store. Crazy, I know. I finally decided to take the hour drive (that's the closest Lush *insert annoyed emoji here*) and I think I'm a changed person now.
If you didn't already know, Lush's products are 100% vegetarian and cruelty free. They have a large selection of vegan products which are all marked with a handy little "V" displayed on the products, in the stores, and online.
There were so many vegan products to choose from, I had a very hard time limiting it down to just a few items. If I could, I would buy the whole store, but then again, who wouldn't?
Now let's get to the haul!

SPARKLE Toothy Tabs
When you think of Lush, you probably don't think of toothpaste, but I saw they had these "toothy tabs" that were all marked with a V so I couldn't resist (vegan toothpaste is actually pretty hard to find). I tried these tabs and it seriously felt like I just left the dentist, or maybe even cleaner than that. These tabs are some kind of foaming magic.

My sister actually purchased this, but she thought it was so amazing, I decided to include it in this haul. Like what the bottle says, it cleans acne-prone skin and removes oil. She's only had this product for a few days and already swears by it. 

This lip scrub is absolutely incredible. It tastes and smells AMAZING. On top of all that, it actually does it's job as a lip scrub. Did I mention the taste and smell?!?

KING OF SKIN Body Butter
I tend to have dry patches of eczema or whatever else dry patches could be called. I purchased the King of Skin for the sole purpose of helping out those dry areas. I haven't used this product long enough to give an honest verdict, but if it helps my dry skin, I'll write a post about it.

This bath bomb is exclusive for Valentine's Day, which is exciting. I tried the flowery goodness the day I bought it and it was incredible. I smelt like a flower long after my bath. I think it's safe to say the jasmine scent is my new favorite scent. I want to smell like jasmine all the time. Forever. It's that good.

This bath bomb, is the bomb... I think I went to Lush and spent waaay too much money, just so I could make that joke.

And that's everything I purchased! Have any of you tried the products mentioned in this post? Do you recommend anything else? Let me know in the comments!

xo, Sarah Holt

PS I'd like to acknowledge the kindness of all the employees at the Lush store at the Cherry Hill Mall in New Jersey. They were all very informative and very, very nice. I appreciate nice people. 

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  1. I would love to try these! How are you finding the tooth tabs? Toothpaste is a difficult one for me, I only buy Co-Op or Sainsbury's own as they're cruelty free but they don't feel as good as other brands! Also I suffer from such dry lips I think I need to invest in some of that scrub!! Thanks for the great post :)


    1. The toothy tabs have a bit of a weird taste, but if you can get past that, they're amazing. I stand by my first impression of the tabs. It seriously feels like I just visited the dentist! If you're from the states, I'm able to find a brand called Nature's Gate at Whole Foods that's vegan and cruelty free. There's also a brand called Tom's of Maine that's cruelty free but not vegan.
      And the lip scrub is amazing!
      xo, Sarah

  2. i'm super obsessed with bubble baths but i've never tried this one<3 it looks wonderful
    lip scrub is wonderful, my fav is the honey one (it used to be one if i remember well!!(:

    xx from Italy
    Cate // kate/idoscope | youtube

    1. The smell of this bath bomb is extraordinary! And I agree, the lip scrub is wonderful!
      xo, Sarah

  3. I was wondering about lush sparkle toothy tabs, I need to try this!