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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Changes and Other Thoughts

When I first created this blog (about a year ago) the main objective was to conquer my ongoing anxiety by submerging myself into something that wouldn't make me over think. A few months after my blog got a little bit of a following (I'm talking 100 readers), in good ol' Sarah fashion, I started to get worked up about missing scheduled uploads or not including the best quality of photos. Well, about 5 minutes ago, I finally gained awareness of all my stress and worry. I allowed myself to take a step back and really think about what I find to be important. 

I realized:
1. I love writing, although I'm not very good at it.
2. I love getting feedback from the lovely people who read my blog.
3. I love getting excited about something and thinking, "I want to write about this for my blog!"
4. I hate stressing over missed uploads.
5. I hate thinking, "well this could be an okay post, but my readers would like to read about it"

And all those realizations poured out about 10 minutes ago now.

I want to write about the things I like to write about, and that could change over time. 
Right now, I like pastel things and thrift shopping and do it yourself projects and clean eating and vegan makeup/haircare and lots of other things I can't really think of on the spot.

From this point on, I won't have scheduled uploading days or a specific topic to cover on that day. I will, however, try to get two posts up per week. 

Going back to the very first day of writing on this blog, my motto was, "experiencing more, worrying less". The motto is now back and apparent and the theme is more relevant than ever. I'm ridding my self of the worry and stuffing myself with the experience.

That's all I have for you guys today... an internal conversation I had with myself and typed out for your reading pleasure.

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xo, Sarah Holt

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Philadelphia | Adventure of the Day

A few weeks ago, I spent the day in historic Philadelphia, the birthplace of electricity and independence. Below are a few highlights.

My mom, sister, and I first ventured over to the Wells Fargo Center for a glimpse of the second day of the NHL draft. I got a little artsy with this shot.

We then drove into central Philadelphia. Below is a picture of Philly's massive City Hall with a tiny William Penn on top.

We then stopped for a bite at HipCityVeg which is an amazing little vegan restaurant (A+ rating from me) You probably recognize the green lemonade from my last blog post. It was just so amazing, you'll be seeing lots more of the green beauty in posts to come. Speaking of posts to come, a blog post all about this gem of a restaurant will be up shortly.

We then spent a few more hours just walking around and hanging out.

Philly is definitely one of my favorite places to visit.
What city do you love visiting?

xo, Sarah Holt