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Monday, March 3, 2014

Closet Confidential | Tag

I originally came across this tag on Essie Button's Youtube channel. If you haven't heard of or seen any of Essie Button's videos/blog posts, I highly suggest you check her out. She's one of my favorite Youtubers/beauty bloggers. I'm pretty sure Fleur of Fleur DeForce was the mastermind who came up with this tag, so check her out her video too, if you haven't already.

What is the oldest item in your closet?
The oldest item in my closet isn't even remotely stylish. It's a very worn t-shirt I got in middle school with our school mascot on it. I got it over 6 years ago. Didn't do the math until I typed that. Crazy.

What is the newest item?
This fabulously AMAZING pair of Topshop shoes that are absolutely AMAZING. I love them so much and I never want to take them off my feet ever. (keep your eyes peeled for a cool spring haul featuring these beauties coming out some time this month!)

What is your most expensive item?
The Topshop shoes above. They were $64 and that's a lot for me. I really never spend much on clothes/shoes. Forever 21 is my all time favorite store, which says a lot about my typical price range. I did recently purchase two pairs of Levis and they were pretty expensive, but totally worth it.

What is the cheapest/most affordable item? (that you wear/use a lot!)
Half of my closet is Forever 21, so I'd like to say a majority of my wardrobe is pretty affordable. I can't remember how much it cost, but I definitely wear this denim shirt the most out of anything in my closet. I bought it from Forever 21 about 2 years ago when denim shirts weren't sold at every store everywhere. I think I may have even picked it up from the men's section of Forever 21, but I'm not entirely sure.

What was your biggest bargain?
I got this jacket from Forever 21, maybe 3 or 4 years ago, on sale for... wait for it... 5 dollars. What. This jacket became my favorite over time and I love it so much. So. Much.

What was your biggest waste of money?
I hate buying clothes that collect dust in my closet, but it happens a lot. I've gotten better at being super picky while looking at clothes on the rack. I look at the fabric quality, sleeves, buttons, shoulders, etc. to avoid wasting a single penny.
I was a big fan of Uggs, 6 or so years ago, and they weren't cheap. I had over 5 pairs. It was out of hand and the moment I became vegetarian I dropped that trend, if it was even ever a real trend. My mom now wears them all, so I guess they weren't a major waste of money.

Show us 3 favorite items right now!
This amazing Beatles shirt from Forever 21. I love it so much.

These canvas shoes from H&M. They are a definite staple. I wear either pair pretty much every day. I originally had a blue pair over 3 years ago that got extremely worn because, well, I wore them too much. I was able to find the same canvas shoes again recently in blue and grey and they'e amazing. I love them so much.

Lastly, a super plain and super boring grey v-neck shirt from Target. I throw this shirt on with a pair of jeans, and it's usually my favorite outfit.

EssieButton's Bonus Question:
What is an item you love but everyone else hates?
These dalmation footsie pajamas (or onesie, whatever your preference). I bought it without anyone knowing and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. The first time I wore them around the house, my entire family asked me why I was wearing a cow costume. I love the pajamas and I love dalmations so I don't care what anyone thinks.

If you managed to read this whole post, I tag you to make your own Closet Confidential post. Make sure you tell me if you do by commenting down below. I'd love to read about your favorite items and what not.

xo, Sarah Holt


  1. Woah, this is such a lovely tag! So much more interesting than all the others I've seen before. If I find the time, I really want to make a Closet Confidential post myself! Already getting excited here!
    Your new shoes from Topshop are AMAZING! I really want a pair like those too! I hope to find them here somewhere in tiny little Belgium.
    I adore your Beatles shirt! I've been looking for ages for the perfect one, but all Beatles shirts always seem to have such strange fit (or maybe it's just me).
    And before I finally finish my comment I would like to say that your dalmations onesie is fabulous! I would wear it around the house as well. For summer, I have a bright pink toweling playsuit to wear around the house. I love it but it looks, ehm, rather funny :)

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

    1. I agree, this tag is much more interesting than others! And I am head over heals in love with my Topshop shoes!!! I know what you mean about band shirts fitting funny. That Beatles shirt is really light weight and has a different fit that I love. It must be frustrating not having access to all these goodies in Belgium! And thank you for understanding just how fabulous my dalmatian onesie is!