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Friday, January 17, 2014

The Skeptic's Guide to Yoga

There are many people out there who think the whole yoga and meditation thing is a giant load of baloney, specifically for A-list celebrities on the brink of mental insanity. But I am here to prove you all wrong! (said in my best infomercial sales person voice)
I find that the meditation aspect of yoga allows me to ease my mind of whatever I'm thinking, at least for a moment. Sure, exercising can become a bit repetitive, but the benefits, I find, from yoga are well worth the soreness the next day. You may not realize this at first or even right now reading this, if you aren't exercising at least once a week (I'm talking about walking. Come on, anyone can do that) your stress or anxiety may be caused by your lack of activity. Okay, I know I'm not a doctor and I didn't even Google that to back up my statement, but I know from personal experience. I allowed myself to be happier just by becoming an active person. 
One meditation technique I use multiple times a day is deep breathing. Whenever I feel worked up, I simply fill my lungs up completely by breathing in through my nose, then breathing out slowly (x3). That's all it takes. My body relaxes and I'm able to carry on with my day. It's not a long-term solution for anxiety or stress, but an immediate solution can be just as satisfying.

I put together a trusty list on all the benefits I found from yoga. I call it the Amazingly Amazing List of All Things Amazing That Will Happen To You If You Do Yoga:
1.You'll become stretchy and flexible after a while.
2.You'll realize how out of shape you are (may sound daunting but it's actually a good thing. I didn't know I needed yoga until I started yoga).
3.I read somewhere yoga can lower your risk of heart disease.That's cool.
4.Change your way of thinking. Changed my way of thinking, at least.
5.Build a strong core (strong core=strong person in general. Inside and out).
6.Tone your body.
7.You can make new yoga friends (I haven't made any yoga friends, but I imagine you can).
8.You'll learn how to let your body relax.
9.You get to be bare foot in public for an hour.
10.You can pick out cute yoga clothes.

Obviously, the logic and research behind my list is solid. So why not give yoga a try? And I mean a real try. Yoga is completely different when you're in a class with real human people as opposed to the Wii fit yoga sessions.
I don't know how things like yoga classes work where you're from, but where I live, you can attend a class for $5 at most local chain gyms, without a membership. Totally worth it.

xo, Sarah Holt


  1. They do Kundalini yoga at my gym and I've been so tempted to give it a try. It's more to do with meditation and 'being in the moment' but I think it could be so beneficial for me. I've already started a meditation class and although I keep almost falling asleep, it's really great.

    What yoga do you do?

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

    1. I do really basic yoga. A few poses throughout the class and deep breathing meditation towards the end. There isn't really a variety of choices such as Kundalini at any of the gyms near me that I know of. I'd definitely give it a try if I had the chance! There are a few hot yoga classes I've been wanting to try but haven't come around to it.

      xo, Sarah