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Monday, January 20, 2014

Healthy Day to Day Routine

Daily routines can become extremely tedious, especially when it comes to exercise and eating healthy. I put together a little list that is extremely flexible. My diet consists of vegan substitutes (because I'm vegan) so you can change any meal to fit your diet (e.g. my breakfast idea can be substituted with a normal meal like eggs which is a good source of protein). If you are vegan, I, too, understand the struggle of finding tasty meals that are also really good for you which is why I included a few meal ideas for a plant-based diet. Without further ado, here is my Healthy Day to Day Routine.

1. Sleep
In order to have an energy-filled day, you need to get at least 8 hours of sleep. It is also really important to start your day off early. I would recommend going to bed around 9 and waking up around 6 or 7 (only if you don't have work or school or anything where you'd have to be up earlier or go to sleep later. Just make sure you get lots of sleep). It may be hard to get a sleeping schedule down straight from the get-go. Along with everything else in this routine, your body needs to get familiarized with this new lifestyle.
2. Breakfast
I skip the coffee/ tea routine in the morning which I'm sure most people may think of as blasphemous. I chose, about a year ago, to cut out all caffeine from my diet. I sometimes have tea in the morning if I'm feeling lousy but it's always a cup of decaf. It's really important to make sure you get your recommended amount of vitamins to start off your day. I then follow up with a healthy breakfast, whether it's cereal and almond milk or, my favorite, spinach and fake cheese on multi-grain toast. I'm then set to take on the world.
3. Exercise
I prefer to do all my exercising in the morning right after breakfast. It's completely up to you when you can fit in at least 30 minutes of physical activity to your day. I try to walk about a mile almost everyday. If I'm feeling ambitious, I work in a four mile walk, at max, maybe once a week. It's very, very, very important to drink lots of water while working out.
I absolutely love eating. I think whether or not I have a good day is determined on how well I ate and how many meals I consumed that day. So when it comes to lunch time, the part of the day in which it's acceptable to eat breakfast foods and dinner foods at the same time, I take that opportunity and run with it. I eat left overs or fresh meals that are really easy to cook up. I just make sure that whatever I eat, at anytime of the day, it's healthy (my definition of healthy is anything fresh and raw).
5. Dinner
Dinner is the time of the day I consume a big portion of my protein and vegetables. Some foods high in protein for a vegan diet can include beans, tofu or nuts. Cooked spaghetti is up there in the high protein scale. A normal dinner for me is usually some type of bean/vegetable soup or spaghetti. Just remember you are definitely not in any way limited to just these few high-protein meals. When I say "normal dinner" I mean "easy dinner".
6. Snack
Health Drinks
Nuts (good source of protein)
Fruits (read up on your fruits, according to the vitamin you need, you can specify what fruits you should eat during your day)
Raw Veggies (ditto, what the fruit said)
Green Tea (filled with yummy antioxidants)
Peanut butter on whole wheat toast
Oreos (vegan but not healthy, no Sarah. No.)
7. Sleep
It's then time to rinse and repeat. Trust me, by the end of the day your body will be thanking you and willing to go to sleep and follow your new healthy day to day routine.

xo, Sarah Holt


  1. I love this post. It's all so true. I drink a ton of caffeine throughout my day and week, and I think it really does make me feel worse and sluggish once it all wears off. I don't think I could ever be vegan, but I could try being vegetarian for a little while one day. I think it'd be great to force myself to eat more fruits and veggies so I could get the amount of vitamins I need. I am definitely lacking in that area. Thankfully I drink a lot of water always. :)

    1. Thank you so much for loving this! I was a vegetarian for five years before recently becoming vegan. It's definitely a long process... I couldn't cut out cheese and other dairy products from my life completely over night! I recently started to crave fruits and vegetables pretty much every day, which is really strange. I never really liked healthy snacks. I think after I cut out dairy from my diet, that also cut out most unhealthy snacks (like Doritos, I loved Doritos). And it's always a good idea to drink water. It's definitely a process, but you could start by having fruits and vegetables to snack on around your house.
      xo, Sarah

  2. This is a really good post! I want to live more healthy and this scheme is a nice example!

    xo Mélane
    Selfhelp | Inspiration | Motivation

  3. What a lovely blog! Love your layouts! Really good post btw, great writing! xx