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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I'm New Here, Bare With Me!

I realize writing this, as my first post, I'm essentially talking to myself while trying to figure out what it is I want to do with this blog. So here it goes.
I recently discovered the magic of writing in a journal to be really therapeutic during my fits of anxiety that I deal with on a daily basis. I write the thoughts I'm thinking at any given moment (usually 3 in the morning) and hash out whatever it is that's bothering me.
About 10 minutes before writing this I had the amazing idea to post my inner most deepest thoughts to the world. I should probably give this more thought but generally, I think too much. So without any further thought, I'm doing this. Granted, this will be somewhat filtered and (hopefully) more put together and grammatically correct because spell check.
I won't have a schedule. I won't have an specific audience. I can't tell you what I'll write about tomorrow because I don't know what I'll be dwelling on tomorrow.
I will, however, give a little bio on me and maybe you'd be able to guess what it is I'll be focusing on or if it would be of interest to you.
My name is Sarah. I am nineteen years old. I graduated from high school in 2012 and I haven't started college yet or ever. I don't know, I haven't decided. I am currently unemployed (I've been without work my entire nineteen years of being) so I basically sit around all day which gives me a lot of time to think about things in much detail that shouldn't ever be thought of in any kind of detail. I usually worry about my family and morbid things that I'm actually embarrassed to write about. My anxiety seems silly once I start typing it down but I've coped with the fact that I have panic attacks on a weekly (recently monthly) basis and I really have no idea what brings them on and why my body starts to freak out. I actually remember my first panic attack when I was six years old. I've really dealt with this for as long as I could remember.
This could possibly (and hopefully) be the one thing that helps put my mind at ease and maybe helps some of you not feel like you're going through anxious thoughts alone in the mean time. I hope you like this and again, I do realize I am probably talking to myself right now, but in the odd chance you are an actual human being reading my poorly written words, let me know by commenting down below. My twitter and tumblr are linked below, as well.
xo, Sarah Holt


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